Streamfleet and EVE NT collaborate for the AT

The Alliance Tournament is nearly here, streamfleet has joined up with EVE NT and CCP to bring you closer to the action.

We are proud to present to you a series of chat shows on the CCP TWITCH channel, featuring a variety of Hosts and Guests to help you understand what the AT is all about.


The inaugural show will be on Sunday 24th June, during which, we will be announcing which teams are in this years Alliance Tournament. We will also be starting our, “what’s the AT all about”  series. To explain how and why things happen in the tournament. The rules can be hard to follow, but our experts from EVE NT and streamfleet, will explain them and answer your questions from chat, so you can get the answers you need to be able to fully enjoy the Alliance Tournament with the knowledge of what is happening.

Battle of the sexes

21st July 2018

Let New Eden decide the battle of the sexes.
The Girls and Boys of EVE Online forget all alliances and loyalties and fight for the pride of their Gender!

Capsuleers all across New Eden are being invited to join their Captains
and fight for the bragging rights in the first ever Gender battle of EVE.


Twitch vs EVE 2

This year we go at it again. The streamers of streamfleet are back to find the good fights!

50 of your favourite streamers are fleeting up under the guidance of 4 very good FC’s.


Into the Abyss

The 29th of May will be a special day in EveOnline - the launch of the latest expansion - "Into the Abyss"

To celebrate this new combination of PVE, PVP, PI and Modules - the streamers of #streamfleet have partnered with CCP to promote and explore the new features.

From the 30th May to 3rd June, over 30 streamers from all over New Eden will be showcasing the release either on their own twitch channels or on CCP's Offical Channel.

Death Race 2018

 A race around 15 checkpoints within New Eden’s most dangerous systems with Tasks to complete, Awesome CCP prizes to be won and rivals to be killed!

Fight and Navigate your way to victory! Who will be the fastest and smartest?