How can I join the streamfleet community

If you are a streamer of EVE Online, here is how you can join the streamer community, these are guidelines, not set in stone rules.

  • Stream EVE, you can of course stream other games, but we love to see you stream EVE
  • Communicate with your chat, be friendly and reply to questions
  • Be nice to your viewers, of course you can have fun arguments with them, but generally try to be nice
  • Swearing is of course fine, you are you, we dont want to change that
  • Please do not bad talk other streamers, we are a community after all
  • Stay away from RL political/religious talking, we all have an opinion, lets keep them to ourselves
  • Don't use abusive language or derogatory remarks, goes without saying really
  • Stream regularly, keep going! Have a schedule and stick to it
  • Grow your community, we can help you with that later on, but that first step is yours
  • Once you have a good collection of streams on vod, and feel you want to move on Contact us


What is the streamfleet code of conduct?

Streamfleet code of conduct.

Streamfleet is the streaming community of EVE Online. We are here to help streamers and content creators enjoy, improve and promote their work. We are also here to bring like minded providers together, so that we can all collaborate towards content and support each other.

We are volunteer run, this means that we are all here because we love what we do within the community. Streamfleet is player driven content, we have close ties with CCP, but primarily everything achieved by our community is player driven.

The ethos we believe in is below, this is not a “you must” or a “guide to life”. It is just a reminder of how to be a thoughtful and contributing member to a fun community.

Come and join our public discord

Do you want to find out more about what streamfleet does? Then drop by our public discord, where the team will be more than happy to help you out.