This year we go at it again. The streamers of streamfleet are back to find the good fights!

50 of your favourite streamers are fleeting up under the guidance of 4 very good FC’s.



Fleet 1 FC is KillahBee

Fleet 2 FC is BjornBee

Fleet 3 FC is Zarvox Toral

Fleet 4 FC is ProGodLegend


These fleets will roam around New Eden looking for fights, you can come take us on or watch from any fleet member across Twitch.

CCP has given us awesome prizes to give out as we die, also plenty of prizes to be given out between fleets on every stream.

To Watch the fun, simply choose how you would like to watch the event on Twitch, Pick your favorite streamer, or follow from the FC's channel. Better still form up with your space friends and come and find us!!


For any streamers not yet involved, please contact Raiden either in game, Raiden Harmann, or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The streamers:


KillahBee, Bjornbee, ZarvoxToral, Suitonia, Rahne, Manic Velocity, Markee Dragon, Jebi Vjetar, Eve Scout, Avaren, FranktheBank, Fintarue, GSYBoy, Assassn Gallic, Vehement Rose, Freemanfs, Nortemshine, Neverc0nvicted, Christopherwow, Zombieslicer, RealExcuse, Riskofshock, Lazerpigs, Wingnutcros, Anarckos, VVntr, Tamiya Cowboy, Andy_Virus, Stunt, Zenobia, Rhiload, Northsouleve, AccessibleGamer, EagleNIR, Batavium, October Beauty, EpicZaqq, Rocko, DRLazerbomb, Zuuwly, Photekspor, Jin’taan, CypherX, Ms_Moses, thatguytoxic, RaidenHarmann, Alyx sokerad, Smokedupprincess