A race around 15 checkpoints within New Eden’s most dangerous systems with Tasks to complete, Awesome CCP prizes to be won and rivals to be killed!

Fight and Navigate your way to victory! Who will be the fastest and smartest?


Flying in Destroyers only, who can reach the checkpoints the fastest? Who can complete all the tasks? Who can kill their fellow racers to gain that extra edge?

Come join us, as a Pilot or a viewer at 22:00 EVE (GMT) on the 27th January 2018 , it will be streamed and hosted on the CCP Twitch channel and available across all competitors streams.

Could it be you?  - If you want to be a part of this exciting event - sign up HERE - the more people in fleet, the more fun will be had.  Of course there are some guidelines in place, find out all the details HERE

The Streamer Death Race

1st Prize Signed Limited Edition of The Art of New Eden + EVE Mousemat + 2000 PLEX

Killer Prize Signed Regular Edition of The Art of New Eden + 1000 PLEX

2nd Place 1000 PLEX

3rd Place 1000 PLEX