21st July 2018

Let New Eden decide the battle of the sexes.
The Girls and Boys of EVE Online forget all alliances and loyalties and fight for the pride of their Gender!

Capsuleers all across New Eden are being invited to join their Captains
and fight for the bragging rights in the first ever Gender battle of EVE.



The Teams


The Girls  "Waifus with Knifus"

 girlsvboys knifus

Captained by Rahne. Streamer and personality of the EVE Online community. Lover of squirrels, Karaoke, and bad dancing, now fights and leads for the pride of the Girls.


The Boys  "Nine Inch Males"

 nim logo

Captained by Manic Velocity. Streamer and self-proclaimed internet celebrity. The most punchable face of EVE, takes command and leads for the Boys.


The teams will fight each other over three rounds, until one capsuleer is left standing, thus deeming the fleet with a capsuleer remaining the Victor of that round.