We are very happy to let you know the final run down of the FC's we will have for Twitch vs Eve 4 - the special halloween edition.

Here is the running order for the evenings entertainment..

15:50 UTC - The Show starts over on https://www.twitch.tv/streamfleet with our Hosts Raiden and Jebi


16:00 UTC - The first FC will be Lussy Lou


17:30 UTC - Fleet number 2 is lead by Bjorn Bee


19:00 UTC - Baleful Dysnomia takes us out for Fleet 3


20:30 UTC - A very newbro friendly roam lead by Greygal


22:00 UTC - Virion from Spectre fleet has agreed to return from TVE3 and set forth on Fleet number 5


23:30 UTC - Karmafleet is represented in Fleet 6


01:00 UTC - We finish with CCP Aurora (if she is still awak) on Fleet 7


Come and find us - shoot us and win some prizes, 

See you in space