Welcome to the streamfleet showdown invitational - the Winter edition.....

Join a mix of Alliance Tournament veterans and new faces on the commentary team at 20:00 EVE Time on Saturday the 19th on Streamfleet’s Twitch channel, as we watch the action live!

The SSIW is a 4 team exhibition tournament, with simplified team building and no logistics allowed, but one key catch - They can only bring a ship once for the entirety of the tournament. As such, every single match will feature a new and interesting series of explosions as the teams duel it out for supremacy over the course of the night. !

The first matches will be

  • Rekking Crew - the terrors of Derelik - going up against Spooky Action - a mix of AT veterans and newer pilots
  • Remake Amarr Great. Again - a team of streaming All-Stars - trying their luck against Templis CALSF - a team with long tournament pedigree

This is a high stakes battle -in a single match. to determine who will go through to the best of three final, and as such the  the overall champion of the tournament. However with every team knowing their opponents possible choices, the team’s strategic acuity as well as piloting skill will also be put to the test if they want to win not only their first match, but the grand prize itself!

Watch here for a greater explanation of the rules... see you on saturday!!