Twitch v EVE 4…………...Trick or Fleet

All Hallows’s EVE is coming, the time of nightmares and scary fleets are here! Streamfleet is calling ALL streamers of EVE to come and have a frightening time together as a community. ALL STREAMERS ARE WELCOME!!

TVE4 builds on the great success the community has had in 1, 2, and of course 3 - which in total have reached over 10k viewers and 200 streamers.

We are making some changes to how we do TVE4 - in previous years we have been asked to cover a greater timezone and to provide more FC’s and coverage - so you guessed it, that's exactly what we are doing this year. For starters, it is now an all-day event. We will kick off the proceedings at 16:00 UTC on the 31st October 2020 with a hosted show, driven by Raiden Harmann and Jebi Vjetar, in addition, we have commentators from across New Eden showing the action.  Each of our 7, yes that's right 7 FC’s will be streaming live onto the streamfleet twitch channel, so we can bring the good fights straight to you. But remember EVERY member of each fleet will be live on their own channel, so you can pick where you want to see the action.

This time we take to New Eden with more fleets than ever! We have Old FC favorites like Bjorn Bee and Baleful Dysnomia, New FC (to the event...duh) Lussy Lou with the Russian community, and maybe a CCP Alpha!, The ever lovely Greygal will also be joining us and showing how her redemption roads fleets work.

There will also be Guest FC’s from Null Blocs. This time we want to showcase NewBro friendly corps from deep in null, show you what they do and how their FC’s can cope with controlling a box of squirrels, sorry streamers. In keeping with this theme, we are pleased to announce that Brave, Karmafleet, and Horde have given us an FC each to drag the streamer fleet through space to find epic fights.

The CCP community will be with us during the evening and have generously arranged for a ton of things to give away, PLEX, skins, and more will be given away for viewers and also for Capsuleers that get killmails from our fleets.

Come join us for some good fun either on or in New Eden, did I mention there might be a Prize for the best streamer costume? That’s right it’s All Hallow’s EVE after all!!

If you are a streamer and want to take part in what can only be described as a unique set of fleets, simply sign up here to take part-  CLICK HERE,

more information for the streamers will be released closer to the date.