We have prizes galore for the fleets running tomorrow - thats right - tomorrow!!!!!!!

What prizes you ask??? Well let me enlighten you.

We have, thanks you to CCP:

21,000 PLEX
70 Skin codes

These first prizes are for killing members of the TVE4 fleet, the pilot providing the final blow on any of the first 16 kills PER FLEET will win a prize, which will be either 500 PLEX or a skin code. It is important to note that capsuleers are only eligable to win 1 prize during the event, so if the final blow has already won a prize on another kill the right to the prize will pass to the highest damage, then continue down the list to the second etc. So keep up the pew pew!!

It will of course take us a little time to gather this information together,so this coming Monday 2nd November 2020, these prizes from Saturdays Twitch v EVE event will be drawn LIVE on the streamfleet twitch channel. www.twitch.tv/streamfleet

In addition - just so you wonderful viewers do not feel left out , during the stream on saturday we will have the following for an immediate giveaway:

21 skin codes from CCP to give away.
5x 1 Billion ISK
A few RARE skins from our vault

So join us on Saturday AND Monday on the streamfleet twitch channel!

TVE4 Prize night

FIGHT first WIN later!!