Here we see the final of of our opening matches, with two fan favourites and TQ nullsec rivals facing off, as Brave Nubbies take on House Goondor! NUB_3    Punisher    Pontifex     Heretic    Exequror Navy Issue    Deimos    Brutix Navy IssueGSF_4    Rifter          Kikimora    Eris         Caracal                         Zealot      Brutix Navy Issue Commentary provided blind after the matches conclusion by Black Bart Pirate and Anveri Vestigo
Audio and video...

We power on into Match number 3 - Here we see a pair of teams brand new to the Streamfleet Showdown, but laden with tournament experience, Zero Talent and Red vs Blue! ZTA_1    Talwar        Bifrost    Flycatcher    Caracal Navy Issue    Cerberus     Drake Navy Issue RVB_3    Thrasher    Bifrost    Sabre           Stabber Fleet             Vagabond    Hurricane Fleet Commentary provided blind after the matches conclusion by Virion Stoneshard and The Bazzalizk
Audio and video edit by EQ11

Yesterday we brought you Match 1 - Stay Frosty vs Templis Calsf Today we bring you the second of the four opening matches, a true David and Goliath, as Ol' Daddy J's Best Bois go up against the reigning champions - Spooky Action at a Distance Commentary provided blind after the matches conclusion by Ithica Hawk and StarFleetCommander SAD_5    Griffin           Magus    Ares       Omen Navy Issue    Deimos      Harbinger Navy IssueJBB_1    Cormorant    Stork      Raptor    Omen Navy Issue    Cerberus    Drake Navy Issue ...

On saturday night it really did happen... we were able to do Day 1 of the SSI2. 10 Matches were played over the course of 4 hours - the teams were available, the tool stayed up and Thunderdome managed. As promised we are going to be bringing each fight to you over the coming days - Today we bring you Match 1 - Stay Frosty vs Templis CALSF The commentary was provided blind after the matches conclusion by Elise Randolph and Cyclo Hexanol. STF_2    Talwar    Stork    Flycatcher    Caracal Navy Issue    Cerberus    Drake Navy IssueCSF_5    Vigil       Stork    Flycatcher    Caracal Navy...

Hello tournament fans, Following on from our announcement last week we wish to bring you a further update on the progression of the tournament and it’s future schedule. We would like to thank CCP for taking the time to get the tool to a point where we can run competitive matches on Thunderdome. After an evaluation of the tool performed over the...

Streamfleet Twitch and Charity Just an update on what is going on at streamfleet in the coming months. We have recently started up a dedicated Streamfleet channel. This gives us a central platform from which to continue bringing our viewers awesome content straight to you at home. We will be helping to showcase new and veteran...

Dear pilots of New Eden, It is with a heavy heart that we need to inform you of a delay to the streamfleet showdown invitational that was scheduled to debut on the 20th April. As part of the pre-tournament checks were being completed it was discovered that there was a problem with the tournament tool on the TD server. This tool is key to us...

Hello everyone, I’m happy to announce that all the teams are in order, all the ships have been prepared and the Thunderdome is live for our contestants to battle it out for your viewing pleasure over the next few days! It’s going to be a fun two days filled with explosions, and to get you ready for that, we’ve put together a final list of...

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