Hello tournament fans,

Following on from our announcement last week we wish to bring you a further update on the progression of the tournament and it’s future schedule.

We would like to thank CCP for taking the time to get the tool to a point where we can run competitive matches on Thunderdome.

After an evaluation of the tool performed over the past few days, we have come to the conclusion in cooperation with the teams that running a tournament will be possible. However, due to technical limitations, we no longer believe that a live stream would be of the quality we wish to provide to our audience.

We know that many of you were looking forward to seeing this event play out live, so this news will be a disappointment. In lieu of this we are intending to provide a series of recordings showcasing the matches that were able to take place, including commentary from the broadcast talent within a few weeks.

Unfortunately, this deviation from the original plan has led to a reduction in the number of participants. We would like to thank them for the hard work they spent getting to this point, and understand their reasons and support them in their decision.

Your continued interest in the tournament is appreciated, and would like to thank the EVE community for their support during this time. We hope you enjoy the videos when they’re available.

Fly safe, 

The Organisation and The Production Team