In the beginning there was an idiot, but that idiot had someone who believed. Today we learned that amazing person is leaving CCP. Guard had been at times a guiding light, a white knight and an inspiration to me and the community he helped to grow. Streamfleet could not have asked for a better community Dev to give us their backing.

Svienni has always been the face of EVE for me, permaband frontman, to comedy sketch fall guy. He will leave a massive void and some very very small shoes to fill, but those shoes are gold sneakers.

From Twitch v EVE 1 to the world tour, he and the community team has supported streamfleet and the streaming community and given us the tools to gap the bridge between EVE’s creative content creators and CCP Games and for that I will be eternally grateful.

So I wish you luck Svienni, in all that you do from here, know you have an amazing legacy here in EVE Online and its grateful community, you really are an awesome guy, I just hope your new co-workers know how to HTFU!