Happy New Year  to you, our streamfleet family.

Over the Christmas break both myself and Raiden have been looking at ways to pay the in game bills for the streamfleet corp and to generate funds for our awesome giveaways - for either on the streamfleet twitch channel - or for supporting our streamers of eve.

After a previous stream with the wonderful Torvald  we "finally" discovered the ISK making capabilities to be found in the PVE aspects of "The Abyssal". For the last 10 days or so, we have been running T3 Abyssal sites - in the hope of making some ISK to fuel the corp wallet.

Interestingly - we took very different approaches in how to do this. I, personally was running a cheap fit Gila (340mil) - that had been put together by our friends in the Abyssal Lurkers discord. Its point was to allow you to run pretty much any type of T3 (well expect for Darks) with a nice passive fit and to be able to do them quickly - my plan was to get in, go for the bioadaptive cache and get out again - speed is of the essence.


Raiden on the other hand decided to go a little more OP, I know, you are shocked... He went for what is known as a "longfinger" fit - and blinged it up - costing an approximate 2.6bn to get it up and running.His plan of attack is to drop a packrat and pick up everything in the site - there is a trade off in this, he was slower in the sites but was picking up more...

Raiden Gila

This lead to a question - who was making the most money? Who was most profitable per hour? (lets ignore the obvious question of why we were only running T3 - we like to be chilled out). Now of course, myself and Raiden are not at all competative with each other and we thought in the interests of science - lets have a Gila Off -who could make the most ISK in a set time frame.

Of course as part of streamfleet, it seemed only logical that we should do this live - a dual stream.. the rules were simple:

  • We start at the same time
  • We only used T3 filaments
  • We stopped when requested and docked up
  • The value was calculated based on the amount in the hold - excluding blueprints
  • The cost of ammo/drones was not to be taken off the total

and of course, we hoped to not get ganked...

So, what happened...well...after an eventful start with streamlabOBS misbehaving, the first filament was played...I quickly saw that my runs were absolutely quicker than Raidens - in our first segment I completed 3 runs, he 2 - yet the difference in loot was negligable - just 1mil ISK. The second set saw more of the same - yet the loot drops for Raiden were not on his side - i began to pull away. It came down to the last set of 3, would he be able to catch up?

The final results....

What was the result


We enjoyed doing this - who knows what else we may try out in the future..

Fly Safe, 

Moses and Raiden