Streamfleet Twitch and Charity

Just an update on what is going on at streamfleet in the coming months. We have recently started up a dedicated Streamfleet channel.

This gives us a central platform from which to continue bringing our viewers awesome content straight to you at home. We will be helping to showcase new and veteran streamers alike on the channel to continue our  efforts to foster the EVE streaming community further, and will also be using it as a way to bring innovative player run events to the screen in glorious technicolour. The biggest event we have coming up in the near future is the Streamfleet Showdown Invitational Part 2, this has been organised and devised by our very own Jin’taan.

Bits and Subscriptions

Thanks to your support, the streamfleet channel is now a Twitch Affiliate, which means bits and subscriptions are turned on. We have decided as a team that all income generated by our Twitch channel should go directly to charity. Every two months we will choose a new charity and donate all income to that cause. We will also tweet out the donation to be completely transparent. Any questions or suggestions regarding this should be directed towards This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For our first charity, during April and May, the chosen charity is one that is close to home for Jin. After all his hard work with the SSI, we thought it right that he choose a charity to be supported by streamfleet and its community.

Weston Hospicecare is a local charity based in the UK that provides support to terminally ill patients and their families, allowing them to spend time together outside of a hospital environment and in comfort during their last months of palliative care.

“Weston Hospicecare helped my Mum during the last few months of her life and I was touched by the care and effort they put in to support us as a family. I am incredibly thankful for this chance to give back to a charity that put in so much work to help us get through such a tough time in our lives.”

As you can see this is a charity that does some very important work and we would like to support them in their work. For more details on the charity in their own words, and to find out how else you can support them, please visit their website at

Thank you so much for all the support,