Death Race 2018

 A race around 15 checkpoints within New Eden’s most dangerous systems with Tasks to complete, Awesome CCP prizes to be won and rivals to be killed!

Fight and Navigate your way to victory! Who will be the fastest and smartest?

Eve:Valkyrie Custom Cup 2017

A special write up - provided by Eve Valkyrie Pilot & Eve Online player - Fendisteel

On December 20th, the Valkyrie community teamed up with EVE Online's Streamfleet to put on the first ever Custom cup. A friendly competition where teams of three duke it out for bragging rights. In between matches viewers got to play around with the streamers and make wacky requests for their entertainment. Later in the evening we got to witness the creation of a new world record for the fastest carrier takedown in carrier assault.

Twitch vs EVE

Twitch v EVE started out as a crazy idea, which grew, built up speed and exploded into one of the most interesting stream events EVE has seen.

50+ streamers, all streaming in a fleet together, roaming through new eden finding fights with any brave enough to take them on. We even gave away prizes of plex for killing us.