Twitch v EVE started out as a crazy idea, which grew, built up speed and exploded into one of the most interesting stream events EVE has seen.

50+ streamers, all streaming in a fleet together, roaming through new eden finding fights with any brave enough to take them on. We even gave away prizes of plex for killing us.

If you missed our first event, you can still see what transpired. Markee Dragon, a member of streamfleet, uploaded the whole thing.

There is also an FC’s point of view from Bjorn Bee which is well worth a watch, the eve_scout surprise cyno was hilarious!

This event brought in over 3 thousand viewers across EVE on Twitch, which does show the power of a good event.

The entire night was so much fun, for viewer and participant alike. Thanks to CCP and Donations from streamfleet members, we gave away over 75 months of game time, many many ships and…….a TITAN.

Thank you to all who took part, the FC’s, Bjorn bee, Zarvok Toral, Jin Ta’an and ChristopherWoW, the members of streamfleet for making our first event a success, Every capsuleer who came and brought the good fights and finally to CCP Guard and CCP for providing the prizes and the platform for us to enjoy.