Here at streamfleet HQ, we have been thinking. I know scary right? When streamfleet first started, we had the aim of getting all streamers and content creators together, to help and improve content to bring new players into EVE, also to entertain and inspire the current player base.

We grew and to be honest grew very quickly. Our focus moved slightly to Live events and helping improve relations with CCP and other communities around New Eden.

We have not forgotten that we still want to help streamers become the streamers they want to be. We have a plethora of experience and talent in our ranks here, let’s make use of them.

We are now proud to announce The streamfleet Mentor Program.

We are looking for two things, Mentors it Mentees?

If you think you can help another streamer with your knowledge and experience, please let us know, or on the flip side, if you would like help from one of the Veteran streamers again let us know.

We have added a channel “Mentor Program” in both discords, we are also adding the Mentor tag to those of you who volunteer on the website, so that our members can search out who is in the mentor program on the content search at

For those wishing to Mentor, we have a document written by our Mentor Leader Rahne. Which we will share with you to give you some guidelines about mentoring.

For those looking for help with your streams or youtube, use the channel in discord and we will pair you up with an available mentor.

Overview: The Mentor Program is utilized by Streamfleet to pair a “veteran” of streaming EVE Online with a “newbie” of streaming EVE Online. The pairing allows the newbie to learn from the veteran as well as help the veteran gain experience helping someone and give them an opportunity to give back to the community.

Benefits: There are many benefits to a Newbie having a Mentor. We’ve summarized a few prime examples below.

  1. Direct guidance. A Newbie is able to get a Veteran’s perspective on how streaming EVE Online works as well as tips and tricks to streaming the game.
  2. One-on-one communication. Many folks new to the Streamfleet community are intimidated. Having a Mentor to ask questions to, will allow for a less intimidating way to get answers without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Inclusiveness. Having a Newbie and Mentor pair up allows Streamfleet to continue to build an inclusive community and support to newer members of Streamfleet.

Once this program is in full flow, please give us feedback. We cannot improve without your help.

Keep going out there in the trenches! Lets make some more Partners!!!

o7 Raiden