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My name is Shiftaee(shifty).  I am a fairly new streamer, but I have really enjoyed streaming from the first day.  I am a video game enthusiast and have been since 1980 when my family got an atari 2600.  A few years later I recieved an NES and I was hooked! I have a passion for gaming and enjoy all types of games. I tend to be drawn to complicated or hard games (Dark Souls) even though they can be super agrivating. Currently i have been playing Eve Online mostly.  I started playing eve online in 2008 and have been playing on and off since then.  I just started playing again 4 months ago after taking a break that started in 2012.  I really like many of the changes they have made to the game since then.  What I like the most is that they have made it much easier for new/newer players to start playing the game.  I find myself drawn to helping new/newer players or players that are interested in the game activities that I do.  I enjoy helping others and that seems to be where my focus in the game is at the moment.  

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