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YouTuber-extraordinaireabsentee-TwitcherAlpacas' patron saint: my voice will put you to sleep (so I've been told). Co-hosted EVE TV at Fanfest 2015 & 2017. Love all things VR and min/max-ing ISK income.

In my spare time, I enjoy livestreaming elite EVE shenanigans such as data/relic site hacking, ninja gas huffing and simple low sec belt ratting. OpSec on my stream!? OpSec is for the weak (and the not-lazy).
Against all odds, I managed to sneak into the first wave of EVE streamers being allowed to stream on official CCP channel. They were probably looking for that other reload guy, the funny one (rhiload), but misspelled his name by accident. 

If you're a newly minted Alpaca (alpha clone), check out my YouTube channel. When I'm not streaming or uploading videos, you can find my obsessively tweeting or lurking on Discord.

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Tatius Jorgstern

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find me on Twitter #tweetfleet


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