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We love exploring and killing in the vast expanses of Eve on Nobutadas’s Stream. With wormhole exploration and PvP, you get to see what life is like in the darkest corners of Eve. Generally running solo or in small gangs, we scan, hack, and fight to keep wormholes dangerous, as well as roaming into the Null and Lowsec to kill when connections are available. When we are done with PvP, we jump into Null Sec to show you what PvE is like! You get a chance to experience and learn about not only running solo PvE in Null, but insight into what it is like to live dangeriously. And now, with the introduction of the Abyss, we’ll even jump into abyssal pockets, showing you how to PvE using conventional and unconventional fits, so you too can fight the Triglovians.

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Nobutadas Amur

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We envisage that streamfleet will be the hub for viewers and players to connect with the content providers of New Eden.
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