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(a.k.a. lefty or myleftarm)

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My handle is MyLeftArm. I'm an industrialist that streams EVE Online with 5 accounts.

Yeah..I'm doing it.

We've built the stream as a safe harbor for other industrialists, miners, market enthusiasts, researchers, copy/inventor masters, plantetary production producers, reaction thrill seekers, haulers, and manufacturers. PvPers, ratters, wormholers, neuts/reds, evil, etc. are welcome as well. Just be cool, be better than stream sniping. I get plenty of it as is. I randomly have giveaways/gameshows with no rhyme or reason and absolutely no RMT. Everyone has the same chances to win or participate, with no bias given. Donations are always appreciated and will be donated on stream. 

I'm Pro 420 (Marijuana) and live in a legal state in North America. I do not promote anyone under the age of 21 to ever use, smoke, digest, inhale, vape marijuana/thc/cbd's. My stream is intended for an adult audience and I intend to keep it that way. My stream is set for 18 + on tiwtch.

Streamfleet streamers are a good bunch of people and I intend to fully promote my fellow streamfleet. I can't wait to meet you, we'll do great things together!



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