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Death killer21

(a.k.a. death-Killer21)

  • Streamer
  • PvP
  • PvP - Faction Warefare
  • PvP - Small Gang
  • PvP - Solo
  • PvP - Wormhole
  • Streamfleet

I am a Young 21 Year old Streamer from the UK.  My main Streaming days are Sunday through to Thursday, But sometimes I am able to stream on a Friday.  My main games are Eve Online and Counter Strike Source, but I rarely stream counter strike.  When I'm streaming I Like to interact with my chat And also commentate the things that I am doing.  My stream always compromises of some form of PVP.

Content Language:

  • en

In-Game Characters:

Death killer21, Sway Finley

In-Game Channels:

Deaths Hell Pub


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