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(a.k.a. Nakirian)

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I have been playing Eve Online for 16 years, with my eldest of 4 characters/accounts registered on 26/12/2004.  My stream is a mix of in game activities, mostly PVE, with a smattering of PVP thrown in occasionally.

I offer advice on how to play the game where I can, and this is usually well recieved.  I may have played for 16 years but I am by no means an expert and there are things I still learn daily.

Newbro friendly.

I stream 5-7 nights a week, from 21:00 UK time at

Content Language:

  • en

In-Game Characters:

Nakirian, Helix Fluxx, Tamnais, Morgan Hearst Arkaral

In-Game Channels:

ContempoEnterprises Twitch


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