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Eve Online's Premier Roleplaying Streamer!

I'm an Amarrian roleplayer who PvPs mainly in the Amarr/Minmatar Faction Warfare regions.

I'm a captain in the PIE alliance, and a retainer of the Sarum team in the Amarr tournament. As such, I fly only Amarrian ships and use no drugs or pirate implants. My roleplaying gives context to my actions in space and gives me reasons to care about what I'm doing. With that being so, I'll avoid actions my character wouldn't take based on who I've made her to be. I'm a paladin, not a pirate. I slay heathens, not haulers. Unless the haulers are heathens, of course.

Every Friday evening, I host a semi-public fleet in the warzone. All who are not in the Gallente or Minmatar militias and are not red to PIE may join. Militia enlistment not required.

Other nights I'll usually run solo, although sometimes I'll wind up in a small gang.

While I do sometimes play other games as well, the majority of my content is EVE gameplay.

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Arsia Elkin

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