Organising events like this are an absolute pleasure, i write this with not so much of a straight face, they can be daunting, this one truly was a sleep depriving, thought provoking rollercoaster of emotion. One which i would not change for the world.

Friday evening in New Eden time, saw Myself, Ms.Moses and EQ11 take the first stint. We held an AMA whilst EQ11 flew in the Abyss. I will be brutally honest, we did not have much time for or see many questions. The sudden influx of donations started flowing straight away. I barely got out the explanation of what the weekend would entail and why we are doing it. The two hours flew by leaving us with a running total of over $1,000 already!

We were followed by the refreshingly evil Jin’Taan and his fleet of “FC can i brings?”. Jin’s fleet was a quick affair, leaving our new host at a bit of a loss. So in true EVE stream tradition, he decided a rendition of “All Star” by smashmouth. I love Jin dearly but i don’t think the X factor is for him.

Ashterothi then took over for his 2 hour delve into the Invasion war zones, reminding his fleet members that for 2 hours at least they had to be good people. Lore and discussion was the flavour of the day as we watched the take on the latest enemies in New Eden.

From Ash to our Old Goat, level 4 missions and how to play EVE, Tamiya Cowboy in his normal, chilled vibe led the way. Discussions on how he suffers with mental health and real life health issues. It was a brave stream, revealing his thoughts and feelings towards the issues at hand. 

In bleak contrast to the calm and collected Old Goat, next was the mayhem of Open Comms. One of the most beloved staples of EVE twitch, they did not disappoint. The comedy and frank discussion was a lot of fun, thank you INN for loaning them out to this cause, also thanks to the Open Comms team for bringing in, in just that show alone $1600 to add to the total.

INN’s Zaenis Desef then took the reigns to take to the jita skies in his “Jita Fight Club”. Honourable 1v1 at the sun, the stuff EVE dreams are made of! I really want to see more of this. Zaenis, as always, led a great showcase of PVP.

Damassys Kadesh One half of Amarrian MEME, took to the screens next. RP PVP pilot shenanigans with a little sprinkle of fitness and ASMR, I think the pull up count for the stream was over 200, which is immense.

Heart rate monitor at the ready was JoeBane, our next streamer. His PVP style is something worth watching. Joe brought the good fights to low sec through the night. Joe as always taught me how bad I am at solo PVP.

Next we had a special guest, the one and only Guard. He brought us Doggo’s laughs and some, shall we say, interesting freestyle rapping. When i first asked Guard to take part he asked what was the cause, as soon as he found out he said, sign me up! It was a really entertaining show, which included a fair race for all, anyone could win, as long as you had a planet in the game named after yourself, which of course only one space rapper had!

Buzz Buzz, Bee took to the stars with some more special guests, iBeast and CCP Alpha. Ron and I made up the numbers as Bee’s interesting take on Triglavian logi went out in search of killmails. We died in a huge fight against we think ALL of the ECM drones in game and a bunch of tengu’s. It was hilarious fun, well worth not trying that fleet again!!

The next segment, for many of us was the most emotional. Erstschlag is a very calm streamer, very funny and chilled. His stream was its usual mix of fun and knowledge, but with a resonating end. Ersts revealed something he had kept quiet, his own fight with mental health. He showed this with a video and a piece of music he wrote and played, to give him escape from his thoughts. I personally could feel every emotion in the piece. Someone was cutting onions in the house i am sure….no you are!

Thisisonecrazymonkey kept us going with small gang PVP, as the giveaways flowed. Goof fights were had by all, and not more than a few mispronunciations of names. His fleet went out and found fights and fun to amuse all. Including the first look at the Tovanis head shaving video!

“I demand to see a manager”! Hateless and the amazing Karen guided us through the next 2 hours with some PVP, Abyssal running and genuine good fun.Karen, who is Hatelesses quite demanding alt, ran amok at the end of the stream and attempted some abyssal PVP, the vod is well worth a re watch!

A Tale of Treachery and Tashes. This stream had me in stitches. Torvald, our streamer, had mistakenly said earlier in the event that if we reached an amazing $7,000 he would shave off his prized Stache. During his stream the number got closer and closer, including an amazing donation by Mrs.Torvald, which took us over the 7k needed. So Live on air, we witnessed comedy gold. Torvald even at the time of writing is still, the only person to shave live on air whilst doing an Abyssal site in EVE. The sacrifice was real. The treachery forgiven….ish.

Corvus Onzo, rising star of the Caldari war machine took to FW space in search of his enemies. Fighting all he could find. Corvus decided its time for the big guns, and brought out his dread to wreak havoc. He landed on grid, locked up his targets and went into sieg….hang on where's my stront? One of the best things i have seen in ages, how he escaped that fight is beyond me! Not satisfied and now with stront on board he went out to whelp to a beautiful explosion.

RonUSMC and special Guest Marandalorian giving talks on Null sec fights and on screen scribbles, Also had an amazing prize to give away thanks to Van Man of a fully fitted Nyx Supercarrier.

Baleful Dysnomia took us through the night with a role playing fleet, punishing the enemies of Amarr.

El-Bee Leblanc took us into the deepest darkest parts of EVE with wormhole PVP. The donations and chat kept flowing taking us into the last day of the event.

The next segment was hosted by Johnny Splunk, but twitch chat was the star, playing “Twitch plays EVE” the competition winning Twitch extension designed by Johnny. Hacking had been added to the extension which gave a new challenge to chat. Always fun to watch and take part in.

Jebi Vjetar or EVELog Swooooooshed his way through his segment, bringing PVP to the masses. The Peoples Champion with his unique take on EVE entertained with many “warpy warpies” and even managed not to smoke for the duration.

UncleOnline, one of our many Vet’s and new to streaming EVE showcased his learning experience, very chat oriented stream that was great fun to watch.

Suitonia, self acclaimed best Kestrel pilot in EVE and pick up line king went out looking for fights as always showing us EVE is Easy. Also a genius way to do a giveaway utilising POS mechanics.

Andy Virus and low sec PVP, blowing up ships in his chill way, enjoying the good fights. He also managed to get a Phoenix Dread out into low and cause mayhem, finally losing it to a huge fleet. Always good to see big explosions.

Our Aussie Wingnutcross brought us a battleship free for all surrounded by profanity and good brawls, 167 swear words in 30 mins i think will be a record for EVE streams for a while. I may have got the rules slightly wrong and lost my Orca….again.

Our Guests Talking In Stations brought us through our final event slot before the close. Special Guest Andrew Groen, author of Empires of EVE, talking about his next installment which hopefully will be released at FanFest. Chat and opinions from the regular team too, was a great show!

The close. Rahne and Manic were joined by another special guest of Mom Bellicose, also Myself and Ms.Moses. We closed out a very emotional weekend, with a recap, talk about mental health and why we all took part in the event. The event was capped off by reaching our on screen target of $10K, ending our amazing Auction and saying thanks to all involved.

We of course can not forget to thank our awesome moderation team - who powered through the firesale on the last show and all the previous 52 hours... The Space Princess and Xerrass - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

My thoughts on the event will be released in a seperate Blog. Many thanks to All.