After the craziness of last year, our favorite event is coming back to Twitch.tv. 

For those of you that have not seen or heard of Twitch v EVE, let me give you a TL:DR.


On Saturday March 21st at 20:00UTC  THAT'S EVE TIME NERDS!

We form a fleet of streamers, all streaming on Twitch. We give them an experienced FC from EVE Online. We go get blown up. Then we rinse and repeat 3 more times. Giving prizes for killmails to Players. So look on Twitch to find who you want to watch, we will all be there!

That is basically TvE in a nutshell. This event is designed to get all the streamers together to entertain and reward the viewers and players of EVE, whilst giving some fun in game and twitch content.

This year we have 5 FC’s from across new eden.

Bjorn Bee (byourne not Badge orn) Our favorite Icelandic streamer, amazing public fleet FC and all round nice dude.

Pando Null sec FC for the Initiative, very experienced and feared FC. 

Virion Spectre Fleet FC, mad as a box of frogs in real life, calm and collected when FCing.

Greygal, first of her name, FC of newbros, Giver of hugs, collector of badges, checker of tickets.  This lady needs no introduction, we just all love her.

and last but certainly not least we have the wonderful - BalefulDysnomia - FC for the Amarr - come and join us for some roleplaying adventures

Oh did I mention prizes? Our partners at CCP Games are going to provide us with skins and PLEX to give away for certain killmails, we will also have tons of other giveaways across all streams to give to the community as a thanks for your support of EVE Online's content creators.

If you are a streamer and would like to take part, please let Raiden Harmann or MsMoses know in the streamfleet public discord! https://discord.gg/B5a88Hq

 So come join us, come kill us and enjoy the event!!