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  • Zarvox Toral

    Streamer, YouTuber

    Solo PvP, PvP, Fleet PvP

    Channel Zarvox is a community of chilled gamers here for some laughs, entertainment, and to help share knowledge.

    The general theme of the stream is to provide some exciting solo/small gang nullsec pew pew content, as well as maybe give some basic insight into solo/small gang PVP.

    Eve Online is one the most brutal, unforgiving, and yet hugely rewarding and adrenaline-filled games I've ever even heard of. The combination of inherent brutality and the fairly massive learning curve can make it difficult for newbros to get into the game. If you are new to Eve Online or you want help learning the game, join the chat and ask whatever you like. If I don't know the answers, somebody else in chat will! Learning this game is much easier with the help of others.

  • Zuuwly



    I've been playing games since i was old enough to hold an input device which was a long time ago xD

    I have played many games over the years (too many to list) but my favourites have all been sci-fi or fantasy.

    I have a son (17yrs) who also games and joins in on the stream with me from time to time.

    I first started streaming as a hobby for myself as i am a full time carer for my olds (parents) as they are quite infirm these days and so need constant help. It is my hope to eventually set up a charity part of my stream for helping the old.

  • ReloadGV

    Streamer, Video Creation, Video Editing, YouTuber

    PvE, Exploration

    Sleep. Work. Game. Reload

    Exploring space, surviving apocalypse, or just "spraying'n'praying": come witness epic fails and epic luck (more so of the former than the latter :D).

    Thank you for joining me, I'll be your host for the duration of your stay! Say hello if you're watching (I accept silence as "hello" too :D).

    Games I play:

    • EVE Online
    • Fallout 4
    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    • Hawken

    I'm always looking to try new games. Send me your suggestions @ReloadGV

  • NorthSoulEve


  • Obv1ous

  • GsyBoy


    Mining, Solo PvP

    I am Gsy (pronounced G.S.Y or ‘Jizzy’)

    Born, raised and live in Guernsey. 6’ 9” (206cm), 23+ stone (148kg), qualified chartered accountant taking a break to explore new horizons. Partnership here I come baby

  • BjornBee

    Streamer, YouTuber

    Solo PvP, Small Gang PvP, PvP, Fleet PvP

    My name is Björn. Call me Bee.

    I'm a 30 year old Icelandic nerd, and I have one mission:

    To have more followers than the Icelandic Population!

  • Manic Velocity

    Online Host, Stream Host, Streamer, Video Creation, Video Editing, YouTuber

    Wormhole, Exploration

    Self-appointed internet celebrity, EVE enthusiast, gamer, Twitch streamer, time traveller. Cohost of the EVE Vegas 2016 stream and Fanfest 2017 opening ceremony.

  • EveScout


    Wormhole, Exploration

    Lover of exploration.

    Promoter of the rule of six.

    Dancer with Speedos

    I've been playing Eve for 5 years. I'M the founder of Eve-Scout and Signal Cartel.

  • Rahne Chocolate

    Commentator, Online Host, Stream Host, Streamer

    Solo PvP, Small Gang PvP, PvP