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  • Rhiload

    Streamer, YouTuber

  • Cyclo Hexanol

    Streamer, YouTuber

    Solo PvP, Small Gang PvP, PvP

    I mostly use this platform to find cool people to play games with. If you want to come play let me know.
    Games I play :
    Eve Online,
    War For The Overworld,
    Planetside 2,
    Orion: Prelude , and
    StarCraft 2

    I dont stream all of those games but if you want to play them with me let me know!

  • schnoodlez



    This stream is all about having fun! No rants. No raging. Just a friendly environment to chat, lurk and play.

    I focus on the new play. If you are new to the game or have game related questions do not hesitate to ask! Think of this stream as a personal tutorial.

  • Alyx Sokarad

    Streamer, YouTuber


    Hello. My name is Alyx Sokarad! I enjoy streaming Eve and hanging out with fellow capsuleers! I mainly explore wormholes in Eve Online but like to PVP sometimes.

    I started playing Eve Online back in November of 2014. Since then I have expanded into newer and more exciting things.

  • Andy_Virus

    Streamer, YouTuber

    Solo PvP

  • MindClashLive

    Podcaster, Streamer

  • Neo_Cryser


  • Nortemshine

    Streamer, YouTuber


    Hi, my name is Rob, but most people call me Nort. I'm from Seattle, but I live in Oregon on the west coast of the US. I primarily stream EVE Online, but I reserve the right to call myself a variety streamer. I'm looking forward to Star Citizen but I try not to touch it much and get over-hyped. I may get on WoW or Overwatch once in a while. I will play anything that sounds fun.

    I've played mmo's since Ultima Online. I played Shadowbane for years after that, then WoW since a few months before BC came out. I prefer pvp to pve in generatl.

    I'm a Marine Corps combat veteran with a service connected disability for PTSD. I'm in recovery from a drug habit born of self medication in the past. I'm open about it, so feel free to ask me questions. If you're hurting about similar stuff, definitely talk to me.

    Beyond being a gamer and a Marine, I suppose I'd identify as a snowboarder, a homebrewer (although it's been a LONG time), and wishful philosopher.

    Ask me anything, the least I MAY do is pass on answering, but I doubt it. I'm pretty transparent. Hope you enjoy the s* show!

  • Wingnutcros


    Solo PvP

    Gday mates, I'm Wingnut and welcome to my gloriously messy stream.

    New to all this so things will be.. interesting.

    Stay and chat, and good luck shutting me up!

  • Raiden Harmann

    Stream Host, Streamer

    Combat Sites, Mining, PvP, PvE

    Streamfleet CEO, and organiser of stuff and things.

    Part time streamer and EVE event Host for streamfleet, co founder of and #streamfleet. Event organiser and creator of EVE events, such as Twitch v EVE and the Streamer Death Race.