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  • DaBigRedBoat

    Online Host, Stream Host, Streamer

    PvP, Fleet PvP

    Male. Kentucky. Enjoy long rides on a Red Boat. I have a Twitch show named The Boat Show, so come watch it!

    I have a Dog. He barks and Leads Fleets. His name is Poncho!


  • Defiant daniel



  • Niden


    Crossing Zebras Editor in chief

  • Riverini


    Eve News 24 reporter

  • Rixx Javix

    Artist, News, Online Host, Podcaster

    Chief Marketing Officer, Pirate Lord of Low Sec, Stay Frosty & ABA CEO, Eveoganda, After Hours podcast, Creative Director, Father & Husband

  • LifeshifterX


    INN Streaming Director and Streamer who helps co-run the stream team with SkepticNerdGuy and coordinates the streaming division to bring content to you via Twitch! - One of the Two Brothers from RuneShiftGaming Who are EVE/Variety Broadcasters on Twitch!

  • Opus Magnum


    OpusMagnum has played EVE Online since the last beta in 2003. He spent his first years within the game in high and low security space skipping between playing solo and joining corporations with small breaks from the game mixed in between. In the years following 2010 he primarily played in faction warfare space. In 2014 he returned from his longest hiatus of one year from the game vowing to not stop playing until the servers are shut down. The last few years he has spent his time in wormhole space and 0.0. He is a member of DICE corporation within NCdot alliance where he lives out his dream of pretending he is an elite pvper. His greatest accomplishment to date is being CEO of EVE Onion. A satire, parody, and fiction multi-media organization dedicated to breaking the news inside the space MMO, EVE Online.

  • Suitonia

    Commentator, Online Host, Stream Host, Streamer, Video Creation, YouTuber

    Solo PvP

    Member of CSM XII, Eve Streamer, EVE-NT Analyst/Commentator.

  • J_Mcclain

    Online Host, Stream Host, Streamer


    In game I’m a member of Sniggerdly in PL. I got started doing Best of Us in October of 2014. I had been dealing with some of my own issues after being medically retired from the Army and had made some friends in game who were also Veterans and by being able to shoot the breeze and talk about anything from Afghanistan to how to get to sleep with tinnitus I found it was pretty helpful for my day to day outlook. So I decided to organize a channel where we could shoot the breeze and other Vets could get plugged into the Veteran community in Eve since it’s so large I figured if it could help me then it can help other buddies out there and we could come together and do our best to reinforce social support networks in an effort to help decrease the Veteran suicide rate that had become epidemic.

  • Jin'taan

    Commentator, Online Host, Stream Host, YouTuber

    Fleet PvP